Gio Passes LEED AP!

On February 26, 2016 Gio was notified by the US Green Building Council (USGBC) that he had attained his LEED AP credential.  Gio, you are now one of 235,000 LEED AP professionals out of a population of 323 Million people, Congratulations!

The USGBC states that Approximately 61 percent of all construction projects are retrofit projects and that current market trends suggest that building owners and managers will invest an estimated $960 billion between now and 2023 on greening their existing built infrastructure. It is possible that these estimates could be surpassed in the event of unexpected gains in the US or global economy, if an international climate change agreement is reached or if more positive local policy developments encourage the green building market to grow in new and currently unexpected ways.

This year, the green share of the largest nonresidential retrofit and renovation activity will more than triple, growing to 25-33 percent of the activity by value.

Firms that completed green building retrofit projects report:

  • Decrease in operating costs: over one year, 9 percent; over five years,13 percent
  • Expected increase in asset valuation according to building owners: 4 percent
  • Number of years until payback is expected: 7
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